1. Django custom user models, South, and reusable apps

    While working on django-chalk I ran into an issue with the way South migrations and Django 1.5's custom user models can interact. South examines your models when you create a migration and then stores them as a hard-coded dictionary inside the migration. This is fine when you know that models will be identical wherever your migration is run, but if you're writing a reusable app that isn't always an assumption you can make.

  2. Django class-based views with multiple inline formsets

    This is just a quick explanation of how to use Django's inline model formsets with generic class-based views. Handling model forms is an area where it makes sense to use class-based views but there aren't many examples of how to add inline formsets to the mix.

  3. Sending SMSes with Twilio and Python

    Somebody recently asked me if I knew of a good way to send text messages to a list of phone numbers on a regular schedule. They had a few people who needed daily reminders about a task for a week or so and wanted to automate the process. I've been meaning to play with Twilio for a while now and this seemed like a good place to start.